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BVI Company Follow Up Service

If a company has been set up in BVI, there are a lot of business-related matters to be followed up. Dkans provides tailor-made services to the clients’ need as follows:

BVI business operation in form of market study, business plan, feasibility research report, personnel recruit, bank account opening, procurement, logistics, CI design, investment and financing, mergers and acquisition, website design, website promotion, clients-searching, negotiation, trademark registration;

BVI business management in form of human resource management (HRM), financial management (FM), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise risk management (ERM), structure set-up management (SSM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP);

BVI business follow-up in forms of documents follow-up, annual return to CICB, book-keeping &,monthly tax return to national and local tax departments, auditing and tax layout; work permit and entry visa, etc.

The other services include Hong Kong company registration, Hong Kong trademark registration, ISBN & ISSN application, personnel training, professional manager’s training, etc.

Market Research
Smart businessman would do market research before they go into a new market. Any foreign investor who wants to venture BVI market can conduct a feasibility study of BVI through Dkans’s service network.

Annual Return to Company Registry
A corporate renew should be done annually to BVI Industrial & Commercial Bureau. A business runner is strongly advised to renew their business license in time before they get expired, in order not to be suspended or fined.

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