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Hong Kong Investment Environment

Hong Kong's low tax policy to allow the free flow of foreign exchange, coupled with flexible human resources, a sound financial system, as well as an ideal business environment, a model known as one of the free enterprise economy. The HKSAR Government welcomes foreign investment in local companies and is non-discriminatory towards foreigners.There is a minimum implementation policy to minimise intervention. Also a non-subsidy policy for all interested in doing business in Hong Kong. Companies exist within a fair business environment.

With these various factors, Hong Kong one of the world's major business and banking centres.

Hong Kong's advantages

1. Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in Center
Hong Kong is the Asia-Pacific regional headquarters, many multinational companies have chosen Hong Kong as their regional headquarters to co-ordinate and focus on the management of district operations. Hong Kong’s at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region. Infrastructural improvements allow for the free flow of information. A sound governmental financial system is simple, highly transparent and effective. The political climate and stability has encouraged multinational companies to set up regional headquarters in anideal location.

2. Infrastructural improvements
Hong Kong has world-class air and sea transport facilities servicing the global community industries with considerable convenience. Hong Kong International Airport’s wide range of frequent daily services for international passengers and cargo flights. Between Hong Kong and many cities worldwide. Hong Kong also has the world's busiest and most efficient container terminals, providing a range of shipping, freight forwarding, logistical and related services.

Hong Kong's telecommunication’s infrastructure is very advanced, among the best in the world. With the opening of the market for international telecommunications services, Hong Kong's international call fees will continue to decline. In addition, the number of operators are also providing mobile telephone, paging and value-added network services such as telecommunications services at very reasonable fees.

3. The rule of law and transparency
Hong Kong SAR and the Mainland's legal system are different, but our legal system is transparent and open, the judiciary is completely independent, to ensure that everyone is equal before the law. Hong Kong's emphasis on rule of law, a sound legal system. Situated in such a convenient and reliable location, probably the best intensive global business environment to experience and benefit from. The HKSAR Government integrity is unquestionable. Thirty five years have passed since the 1974 Independent Commission Against Corruption was established. Committed to fight Hong Kong community corruption. Having established a strong anti-corruption culture, it will continue its vigilance ensuring that the government is honest and fair, whilst actively attempting to eradicate commercial corruption.

4. A simple tax system
Hong Kong simple tax system is the lowest tax rate in the world. Hong Kong does not levy capital gains tax or dividend withholding tax. The territorial source principle of taxation is used only for the profits or income derived from Hong Kong tax.

5. Economic Freedom
Hong Kong is the world's most open and outwardly-progressive economy, foreign or offshore investments, financial flows, deployment, and enterprise of the nationality or ownership ‘Dengjun’ (no limit). Hong Kong has a free trade policy, with no trade barriers. Imported and exported goods in general are exempt from custom’s duties. There are no tariff quotas or surcharges, but application must be made for a few imported and exported licenses of products.

Investment Offers
Hong Kong SAR Government welcomes Mainland enterprises to invest in Hong Kong. Even though Hong Kong's mainland enterprises for investment in Hong Kong did not give concrete preferential measures. However, Hong Kong's free economy and low tax policy is already highly attractive enough.

Regulated industry
At present, finance, telecommunications, public transport, utilities and part of the mass media in Hong Kong, belong to regulated industries.

Restrictions on foreign investment
Hong Kong to Mainland institutions, organizations or individuals do not impose any restrictions on local investment, The Hong Kong SAR Government has not yet formulated industrial policies and directories for investment, but the investment by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the industries except government supervision; Hong Kong has no requirement for special foreign investment projects. They do not need local industry participation. Hong Kong has no special programs for foreign investment approval, but all companies must comply with "the Companies Ordinance," registration requirements.

Most new investment projects in Hong Kong are not controlled, but in some businesses or industries, investors must apply for licenses or permits. The Government Business License Information Service provides information on various types of businesses operating in Hong Kong (such as factories, restaurants, etc.) required for license details. Our one-stop service helps investors to save time and reduce the risk of breach of government regulations.

The commitment Dkans
Dkans received by the adoption certificate, document, we ensure their authenticity, the Chinese and Hong Kong and the United States professional legal checks. If false, BVI legal liability, and double compensation. 24-hour complaints Tel: 86-755-8214 3966, Shenzhen, Hong Kong 852-62276736.

Dkans advantage
1. Dkans is a professional business service outsourcing company, serving the world of business professionally and reliably since 1999.
2 Dkans is based in grand China, with an international focus, targeting at valued investment and strategic developments.
3 Dkans has built up nine service centres forming a massive international service platform, especially for SMEs. You are welcome to visit for more.
4 In ten years’ growth, Dkans developed rapidly to more than 38 holding subsidiaries, 88 equity participants, over 3,000 cooperators, and in excess of 20,000 reliant clients globally. You can exchange resources among the Dkans’s clients.
5 Dkans is staffed by a professional team of industrial advisers, lawyers, accountants, engineers and consultants, with a wealth of experience, both in their respective professions with global expertise.
6. Through a ten year reputation, Dkans can provide its valued clients with the best 24/7 quality services, especially tailor-made to the customer’s needs.


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