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International Tax Planning

         Not paying taxes is a criminal offence. It is illegal behaviour that should be avoided at any time. Today there are more opportunities than ever to minimize due taxes, to plan one’s own life and/or business in a more consistent way through a careful and legal tax-planning, optimizing costs, resources and achieving a better performance.

Tax avoidance is absolutely different from tax evasion. Tax avoidance comprises legal actions, the capability of taking advantages and implementing the most successful strategy and organizational design to a specific business activity relying on a deep understanding of the international knowledge and each jurisdiction in particular. There are interesting opportunities on all the continents of the world that countries are able to provide. Globalization opens the doors for an easier international planning, and a more consistent internationalization strategy implementation. Sometimes, particularly small companies believe that redomiciliation procedure in order to achieve tax advantages is a complicated and a very expensive process, but is often proves to be a prejudice that does not correspond to the reality. Change of residence and redomiciliation procedures can and do bring instant improvements, as well as short- and long-term advantages.

There are interesting but different opportunities for corporate entities and private persons coming from different countries of the world having different goals for tax optimization. In order to perform a successful tax-planning and its implementation, it is vital to unite international and local knowledge of economic, political and legal environment, it is crucial to follow all the necessary procedures, and to be in line with each and every law and regulation. The minimum lack of care/knowledge/understanding, the will to rush, to act without planning, to rely on a pure luck in most cases results in a disaster. In order to avoid negative outcomes, it is of vital importance to cooperate with a professional consultant that is able to provide different options for tax-optimization purposes and explain their differences, peculiarities and privileges.


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