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Hong Kong company detail list:

A. Client can get information as follows after registration:
1. Certificate of Incorporation
2Business registration certificate
3. Incorporation form (NC1 six pages);
4. A copy of accountant witness;
5. 18 articles of incorporation;
6. 3 company seals  (steel seal, atomic seal, long bar signature seal);
7. Green board meeting record book;
8. A stock book;
9. a green box;

B. Services of first year:
1. Legal secretary
2. Hong Kong company registered address, telephone and fax;

Note: Registered address is not business address, but the address to receive official correspondence from the government, the banks, and reflect the Government's dynamic timely and accurately, so that customers can maintain and manage their companies in Hong Kong. Legal secretary is not personal secretary, help to answer guest calls (not to answer specific business issues), send and receive faxes.
Contact us if you have special needs,please, we will try our best to serve you.

C. Annual verification of the second year
Service fee: ¥ 1200 (excluding government charges)+Government fees
With the following services:

1.) Provide company secretary for a year

2.) Provide registered address in Hong Kong for a year
3.) Production Company annual returns
4.) File annual returns
5.) Renew business registration certificate for the new year
6.) Salaries tax return zero

Government fees is  405RMB for the business registration certificate inspection, 105RMB  for the annual audit cost, document cost 100RMB.
Registered address of the Hong Kong Company:
Secretary of the Hong Kong Company: D'KANS INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED
Tel of the Hong Kong Company :00852 -39625160

Fax :00852 -39,625,160

special attention : You have to handle annual survey in the Hong Kong Government every year,or the Government will charge you overdue fines after 30 days.

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