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Instruction of HK Company Registration

Dear Customers,

D’Kans Business Service Co., Ltd is a professional consultation company  help you  to register Hongking company and overseas companies. We provide professional and full services for all who needs set up Hongkong company . We would like to introduce our business to you below: 

A.  Registration Terms

1. Shareholder and directorshareholder or director aged above 18 and no limit for nationality

2. Legal registration secretaryour company will provide for you;

3. Legal registration addressHong Kong local address which will be provided by our company

4. Company nameany name except the same name in the lists of the existing registered companies but it has to be ended with “Limited”; it is free to name your company, such as …international, …group,…holdings,…industry, …investment ect..; but try to avoid the sensitive names such as “Royal” “Emperor” “Bank” “Finance” ect..      

5. Business linesthere is no strict limit for the business lines, production, sales, trading ect.. all are ok;

6. Registration capitalThe minimum registration capital of limited company is 10,000 HKD and no need for inspection. If the capital exceeds ten thousand HKD, after the change of share of government will be charged 0.2% stamp tax.

B.  How to register company in Hong kong

1. Checking company namegive and confirm the company name and check if this name can be used or not

2. Sign a registration contract and pay 50% registration cost;

3. Sign legal documents NC1 of the company to be registered( the documents will be submitted to Hong Kong Registration Bureau)

4. The registration will be finished within 8 working days (not including Hong Kong public holidays and weekends)

C.  Documents presentation

1. the registered new company name(English, or both English and Chinese)

2. the identity certificate of the shareholder(ID or passport)

3. detailed share of the capital/stock in percentage

4. contact person or company address and telephone No.(needed for post of bill in future)

D  How to open bank account in hong kong

1When the registration of the new company is finished, the next step is to open an account for the new company; the account can be opened in any bank; it takes about 7-10 working days to open an off-shore account in China and it only takes one hour to open an account in Hong Kong.

2. Documents needed for opening an account are as below: certificate of incorporation, business registration certificate, legal documents NC1, director’s ID or passport, company constitution and verify document of Hong Kong CPA.

3When all the documents are prepared, we will arrange in your convenience to go to the bank to sign and until the account is opened.

If you are not able to go to Hong Kong, our company can arrange to open the Hong Kong account for you in china mainland, but the cost will be more.

E. what you will get from the registrationcertificate of incorporation(business license), business registration certificate from the tax bureau, legal documents NC1, company constitution in 18 copies, stock brochure, stamps, record memorization pads, verify document of CPA and one green box .

F. Hong Kong company registration cost :




Company registration bureau


certificate of incorporation

Tax bureau


Business registration certificate

Government printing bureau


constitutionsharemeeting records



Steal sealsignature stampsmall round stamp



Legal application documents

Legal secretary service


Hong Kong local company as legal secretary

Hong Kong registration address


Business center as registration address

Professional accountant consultancy service


Hong Kong tax, law, accounts and audit consultancy

Opening account


Go to Hong Kong yourself to open an account

Hong Kong phone

Additional cost

600RMB/360 days for 436 minutes; more than 436 minutes, it will cost 0.69RMB/minute.

Courier cost


Courier cost

Service cost


Service before or after sales




We offer address, telephone & fax and secretary services

In the second year, the Annual Return cost is 3400RMB (including 2250HKD for the business registration certificate inspection, 105HKD for the annual audit cost, document cost 100RMB, and legal secretary, registration address and service fee totally 1200RMB.)

Tax declarationGains Tax zero tax declaration 800RMB; Salary tax zero tax declaration 350RMB; if you need to declare the real tax, the CPA will charge the service according to the quantity of your business.    

G. Other explanation

1Generally, you have to come to our company for the registration; if it is not convenient for you, you may send all the files by email or fax or courier.

2When it needs you to sign the legal documents, either you come to sign in our company or you send the signed documents by courier or ask our company to sign stand for you.


D’Kans commitmentall the certificates and documents we provide are legal and original. if there should be any problem, we will be responsible and compensate as double to you.

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