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BVI Advantages


 BVI Introduction
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an island country in the Caribbean Sea, about 60 miles to the east of Puerto Rico. It is made up of over 40 islands, covering an area of only 155 square kilometers and having a population of only 15,000. BVI time is 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, very convenient for customers in both the United States and Europe. Everyday, there are multiple flights to and from San Juan of Puerto Rico, while San Juan is an international transfer station where you may fly to the United States, South America, and Europe.
BVI is a member nation of the British Commonwealth and protected by the U.K. BVI declared independence in 1967 and formed a legislature that comprises 11 members by democratic election and generates an Executive Yuan of a territorial governor and 4 department heads by legislation.
The island country continues to use British common law and Privy Council is its supreme court of appeal.
BVI is the most popular offshore financial center.
 Advantages of register BVI company
As one of the most popular places for offshore company registration, BVI has the following advantages:
l          Very stable in politics, economy and trade
l          Good financial and legal facilities, convenient for establishment and development of various financial institutions or foundations
l          Beneficiary profile will not be required for disclosure by government, for purpose of protecting shareholders’ interests
l          One person may own a limited company wholly, under the governmental policy to encourage economic development and attract foreign funds
l          Director profile will be kept strictly confidential, under the governmental policy of protecting privacy of enterprises
l          Low tax rate: an international limited company is limited by few tax regulations
l          Auditor’s report is not required, and only relevant profiles are retained to reflect the economic status of company
l          Since tax will not be imposed on profits obtained in places outside BVI, so BVI is a nice choice for reasonable tax avoidance by triangle trade mode
BVI Company may open a bank account all over the world.
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