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How to Register Seychelles company


The steps to registered Seychelles company:
(1)To form the structure of the company :to confirm the English name of the company and the registered capital;to confirm the shareholders and the shareholders stake;to assure the director and the chairman of the director .
(2)submit the power of the attorney:to submit the power of the attorney which has been completed in detail or sign in the power of the attorney.
(3) check the registered company name: submit 3 English name of the company and is will be OK in 2 days.
(4)to pay a deposit:to pay the 50percent which is negotiated in advance and to pay all stamp duty tax of the registered capital.
(5)examination and approval by the government :it will be 7days to complete the approval process.
(6)making the company box:it include the registration certificate ;one metal seal;one signature seal;The Seychelles companyRegistration files;the corporate stock;a set of outline of organization and articles of association.
(7)complement :to get the full set of the files and pay the rest fee .
8.the matters to be promised to deal with :the registration certificate/articles of incorporation/the steel seal /The signature seal/A booklet of Share Certificates.
10.time:to certificate a new company will need 10-15days ;to buy a ready-made company need 2-3days . bank account :Seychelles company can open bank account in Hongkong ,but it is needed the director to go the bank to have s signature .
12.declare dutiable goods:Overseas offshore company do not need to pay the taxed in the Seychelles including all dividends ,interest,the rent ,the compensation and other income from the other securities and stocks .Except that ,Overseas offshore company do not have to pay the Property inheritance tax and gift the same time ,Overseas offshore company in Seychelles have no stamp duty.
13.print invoices :the invoice of Seychelles company is issued by the company’s board according to the business ,not issued by the tax bureau .Receipt of invoice and other bills must be sealed and sighed by the person in charge.
If you have demand in opening seychelles company,we can help you ,and if is you have any questions ,just to cantact us.We have 7 years expirence in Registering offshore company,will never let you down .
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