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Instruction of register seychelles company


Introduction of the seychelles
The republic of Seychelles is independenthas a population of eighty-two thousand people.The Seychelles consists of about one hundred and fifteen islands in the Indian Ocean,and most islands located in the south of the equator for four or five latitude. It has stable political ,and Travel, fishing, and offshore financial services is the mainstay.
.Seychelles provide a wide range of financial services,including offshore bank and Investment and insurance services.People can use the name of the company to buy or sell property. The company registered in the Seychelles can listed in the main stock exchange .The registered capital do not to practical account.No foreign exchange control and it is easy to raise money; Don't have to submit the company annually;it also has stable political, economic and trade environment .The Company here can open a bank account in all parts of the world .Directors and shareholdersinformation is strictly confidential.
1.The application requirements:one or more shareholders who is at least 18 years old (Having a passport of mainland citizens or foreigners).
2.Legalsecretary and registered address:The Seychelles government require the limited company must have a legal secretary ,and the secretary must be a Natural person or legal person and have no limitation on nationality.But the the company address must be in the Seychelles. We will supply the legal secretary and the registered address.
3.The shareholders and directors:Shareholders are investors of the joint stock company and elect the director who is managers of the company.The chairman of the board of the directors shall be elected by the board.The Seychelles company requires at least one shareholder and director who can be a nature person or a legal person.It must be confirmed the shareholder,director and the chairman of the board of the director.The shareholder's stake must be confirmed too.
4.The registered capital:Company's registered capital is USD50000 or more and do not need to account .
5.The stock issuance:The government allowed the registered shares,bearer shares,no par value stock,preferred stock and can buy shares and attached or not attached the voting shares.The issued share capital must have had the Annual General Meeting and the public meeting do not need to be held in Seychelles .It can be held by telephone or other electronic means.The international business companies don't have to save any year report or Accounting and financial statements.No need to register on a director or senior staff (For the first time or thereafter continue to happen)changes.
6.NameSelection:The company name usually use the Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Sociètè Anonyme, Berhad or their abbreviations as a conclusion.If the company want to use the building society, savings, loans, trust, trustees, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, co-operative, council, Chamber of Commerce or others as a conclusion ,it must to have an another a application.And the applier can has a Chinese company to increase the cost of the corresponding.Companies can take both English and Chinese name in the certificate of incorporation. scope:It has a wide scope in the companys memo which is included all the business that the customer is involved in .
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