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The materials of the Hongkong company


1.      Fill the Application form and sign the Agreement
2.      Pay 50% deposit plus the stamp tax together at one time prior to register
3.      The new Hongkong company would be registered successfully in 8 workdays, documents received by client after incorporations is:
1)        Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation
2)        Original copy of Business Registration Certificate
3)        Notification of first Secretary and Director NC1 (6 pages)
4)        Eighteen original copy of Memorandum and Articles
5)        One steel seal, one signature stamp and one round shape stamp)
6)        One copies Statutory Book (members register, directors register and share register)
7)        One copies of blank Share book
8)        One Green box for packaging these documents
9)        One accountant certification of BRCINC1 and the Memorandum and Articles (certified and sealed by the accountant on the copies, which special for open an bank account)
4. Pay the balance after confirm your new company on the Hong Kong government network center we provide for you, then collect all incorporation documents above.
Then you have done all the steps in setting up a Hongkong comoany .And can have its own business already.
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