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Cayman islands company permit Chinese names  and can includ  a company's Certificate of Incorporation.

All Exempted Companies must have a registered office provided by a licensed service provider. A minimum of one shareholder and one director are required and corporate directors are permitted. The Registers of Directors, Officers and Charges shall be kept at the Registered Office. A copy of the Register of Directors and Officers must be filed with the Companies Registry but is not available for public inspection. Every Exempted Company must keep a Register of Members and the original or a copy should be kept at the Registered Office. Whilst bearer shares are permitted, in practice they are not encouraged and bearer share certificates must only be held by approved custodians. Annual returns must be lodged but these do not need to disclose details of the directors or members.

In April 2001, the Cayman Islands issued new due diligence guidelines requiring disclosure of information on all officers, members, beneficial owners and authorised signatories of Cayman Islands companies to service providers. This information is required by law for all new companies and must be provided by existing companies within a set transitional period. Such information is confidential, under the Confidential Relationship (Preservation) Law, which makes it a criminal offence to divulge confidential information or to wilfully obtain or attempt to obtain confidential information relating to a Cayman Islands company.

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