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HK Branch Office Registration


A brief introduction of Hongkong
Hong Kong is situated at the south-eastern tip of the mainland of China. A total area of just under 1,100 square kilometers covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories and Islands. Its population is around 8 million. Varied people come to HONGKONG to set up varied companies for varied purposes, since HONGKONG companies have their own varied advantages.

Flexible company's name 
In HONGKONG we are free to make a choice of companies’ names, if not registered before. We can use the words such as INTERNATIONAL, GROUP, HOLDINGS, INDUSTRIAL, INVESTMENT included in the company name. We also can use other country name in the beginning of the compnay name if we like. Intitle the name of filiale is more flexibler than limited and unlimited company. The name can not end with "Limited".

It must have a parent company in HongKong when set up the filiale, and provide the business license and business scope.

Filiale is not a unattached company, and it belongs to parent company.

Business scope  
The business scope of filiale must be the same or similar with parent company.

Fill in application form→Payment→Sign legal documents→Handle to HongKong government→Finish within 3-5 working days→Collect the documents

Service and fee 
At Dkans, we are able to prepare all the application forms and relevant documents and take care of all the procedures for you, and you get the following services at a fixed price of RMB2800.
Business license; Three pieces of chops;

Annual returns
The annual return time of filiale is the same with parent company. It need to renew the business license every year, and the charge is RMB1200 per year.

Tax report 
Tax report of filiale will be bring into parent company, there is no sales tax in HongKong.

The standard corporate profit tax rate of 16.5%, while the unlimited company’s profit tax rate is only 15%, it is relatively low compared with the other developed countries. In HONGKONG, any enterprises are required to have a financial report annually to the Inland Revenue Department. More details about the tax information are available upon request of our valued customers.

Contact us

If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact Dkans anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Dkans’s website

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